If individualism detached from collectivism is a steady-up of surveillance, behaviour is restored, normalized and homogenized. But, how seriously should we have an approach to historical/social senses in a contemporary approach? How does Internet leash psychological mix-ups of sociability? And, has technology had revolutionary or had conservative effects? I think…

Smart home

To alleviate unease which is eating into my very soul I decided to start this sort of mood book again. Never before have I wished more for one person, minimally clever, clear, sensitive and mature person to mitigate this lack of conversations. I looked for them for a…

S.O.S TO WOO major confraternities


I need to elaborate some precisions among consciousness and awareness. People’s experiences nourish the unconscious and hence consciousness emerges. They are two lines traced that should be in parallel and connected, experiences nourishing unconsciousness; and the consciousness emerging. …

— Chapter one;



Intelligence; (defininition)

Crime prevention and security achievement:

intelligence is a research methodology aimed at

collecting information, so that; in turn,

the final product of the information is intelligence.

Me, AKA, someone.

“The numerical language of control is made of codes that mark access to information…

This book started on 29th of March …

Utagawa Toyohiro ( 1773–1828)



I write these lines while the president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele enact a long quarantine and abolish the quotas in the next three coming months in addition to give helps to those families that accomplish the isolation. I write these…

Daniel C C

I moved from Galiza to Cambridge on 2020. To meet my brain I write. Sensing is understanding through a forest of hints. I feel, then, I beat in the bush

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