chapter 4:(PartTwo)smart home

If individualism detached from collectivism is a steady-up of surveillance, behaviour is restored, normalized and homogenized. But, how seriously should we have an approach to historical/social senses in a contemporary approach? How does Internet leash psychological mix-ups of sociability? And, has technology had revolutionary or had conservative effects? I think legitimacy of institutions and Internet were each constitutive acts/bits (capitalism habits) of ‘enframing’. The so called “smart revolution” set up is an epitome of the profound change of social regulation, the final stagnation of brains and no one can hint where this “new reality” hold us.

This revolution is a travelling science. Everything is clinched since “form-State” inspires an image of travelling illusion. 40/50 years ago was a ‘social engineering’ and now a ‘social design’.

More spaces for the game _ _ _ _ _How does “new economy” (aroused by capital founds) contribute for national economies? In the 80’s holy Margaret Thatcher government brought to housing the Right to Buy scheme, since then house process have risen over 1,000 percent. This means around half of young adults are too poor to afford the deposit for the cheapest home. And almost half of the homes sold under Right to Buy scheme have been turned into private lets. Remembering these matters is disheartening to hear news like; “Cambridgeshire plans for 50,000 new homes” more rabbit hutch flats for the yuppie types and the commuting crew, whilst sub-letters, a chronic problem in Cambridge, have their properties revoked, due to not actually living here. It seems that Engels prospects remains in effect 175 year later. Phantom profits. Fictional assets. Right to buy; encourage direct sales of municipal housing at deep discounts to tenants, to expand home ownership at the expense of the public housing stock. This ‘right-to-own’ policy is now direct and leading cause of the UK’s lack of affordable housing today. The right to buy even failed on its own privatizing terms, as many of those who exercised their right to purchase the home sold it to private landlords, who then rented it to tenants at double or triple the rent levels. It seems spaces for_ the_ hangman_ game are pinch points where rich people set up their status. Although we live in redemption “landmark moment” because today at 6:31 a.m. Maggie Keenan has been the first person to be given the first mass vaccination, in cybernetic terms; error-correction.


I worded the question instinctively, the stagnation of brain is the embodiment of behaviourist individualism. Concretely, in routine geography lines correspond to routes traced to satisfy muddles of economic dispositions of cognitive capital. I arrived in England a year ago and I spent almost all time in a secluded life with no hope for major changes. I tried to manage in being kind, even I muted VR vision to alter the colour of my grey matter. Online ‘conversations’ (as I said in the second chapter) were unbearable, it was if I was talking to a smartarse Alexa or Siri, to the extent that’s questionable whether ‘interaction’ can legitimately be called by that name. Even in usual conversations with my beloved people I look myself shortened as the wording of a fortune cookie. Principles of communicability come on interaction. Whilst collapse as a whole with virtual assistants will disintegrate any feedback. For instance, online conversation has alerts promoting the third person; ‘Maggie is typing…” Or, “What are you doing?” “What’s happening” “Share your update _ _ _ _ ” So much clichés and pastiches for the “nowness” expiring individuals, to feel lonely in a crowd (web_cloud) generating a solitary contractuality. Cumbersome nature of people is framed in predictable insurance schemes. Algorithm works on impulse. However, it’s not new. 50/40 years ago names as “Saatchi &Saatchi” (advertising agencies) are the_ _ _ _ _ hairdressers of our governments, didn’t just apply predictive brain principles to sell curry and cigarettes, but to sell political candidates.

After next Christmas death toll will be back on the highest records. I do take the hint on the fast start-up vaccinations, and the loosened corona restrictions for save the commercial and religious festivity. The not so explicit part is that vaccinated needs a second dosing (3 months later) and the Country needs a total lockdown. Power “inertia” tends to cheat People, with HeraclitusA latent structure controls obvious structure” not to prevent the impending apocalypse but to complete it. Obvious thing is that People is made by history and Power is the maker of history, with Martin Luther King, Jr “We are not makers of history. We are made by history”. In short; we are the performance. Any new technology or human extension leaned both to create an imminent environment and dehumanizing aspects. Religion and politics, predecessors in interest of technology, prefigured the hierarchy to celebrate. In the book of Condorcet [Is convenient to deceive People] the mathematics professor Frederic De Castillon discourses the following;

“Politics and religion, thus, the two motives for happiness of people, happiness to which error can only be useful insofar as it contributes to their well-being: politics and religion consequently provide the most natural division of this speech “

Two centuries later (albeit past is constantly occurring in the present) we have to sum natural (influencers over the global population) divisors as twitter, instagram, facebook, youTube, google itself, application dates, the hyper-targeting of users, a making credible by reams of their personal data; perfect environment for manipulation — by advertisers, by political campaigns, by emissaries of untruth monitoring what you must to see and what you mustn’t on the web_cloud. This sneaky index of splitters constitutes really an “anti-political agency” to spell out the criteria of disregard. The humans’ relationships are counted as social capital. We have now come to THE lie, the power of misinterpretations, I mean; the self-deception is a chasing pipe dream, a frenetic recreation of past for an easy “Citation Index”. The following symptoms of paralysis put out skills and bring a stiffened standardization, a big figure of s m a r t asses. An army of _ _ _ _ _indifferentism.

Inspired by Dunbar’s Theory Cristine Ro wrote an article about how in so many aspects of social life, the super-connected are the super-privileged. Making their argument on an expanded democracy. So construction of subjectivity is clearly done by surveillance and algorithms.

“According to the theory, the tightest circle has just five people — loved ones. That’s followed by successive layers of 15 (good friends), 50 (friends), 150 (meaningful contacts), 500 (acquaintances) and 1500 (people you can recognise)…”*


This calculating and preservation, the people referring as human/social capital is the core self-deception, the self-image of rugged individualistic nations as the UK or USA, when they are the most standardized and monitored people in the world. Although this discipline happens in the entire globe. But this might be extended book apart. I refer to “loneliness” as the mesmerizing “ideology” that divides action from thinking. There was a relevant gap when history geared a new revolution or an Empire entered a new religion. People was divorced in two types those who struggled from the “injury” and those who struggled to be sheltered in a “safe” house. Controlled loneliness, bred from ideology, heads to a totalitarian thought. To give advice warning we might look at the “shitstorm” of Qanon. Book apart someone, in wise historicist-anthropological hands, might put that roots, ingredients, and properties repeated in the Sirens Homer’s [Òdyssey], in Herman M.’s [Bartleby], and the imperialistic thrusts across the Entire Globe.

Lyrics; Roger Waters

Is there anybody in there? / Just nod if you can hear me

Is there anyone home? / Come on now

I hear you’re feeling down / Well I can ease your pain

Get you on your feet again / Relax / I’ll need some information first

Just the basic facts / Can you show me where it hurts?… Just a little pinprick

My hands felt just like two balloons…

Coining the new numb

Year ends and I’m tired to deal with this. Isolation is now beginning to take seriously consequences for the very predictable imperatives of normative precepts. To kill my time and earn a few pounds I spend unquoted hours cycling on the streets (at 0º degrees) likewise thousands of riders, delivering food for the survival of hospitality. If I figure out the way to start voting on strikes…But I see the streets of Cambridge plagued of shabby youth cycling for cater their family. The other speedy workers, motorized, could be a trifle wealthy but they need to pay the cost of bikes, repairing, they also haven’t pensions. The year ends and I’m tired. My dreading text is suffering and I can’t lump it. I can’t last it for good. To my relief I will try to make it to the final point. That’s all.

The complication traps me when I walk over telematic codes.

Language had changed codes since the arrival of the “fourth industrial revolution” and the Image Empire had telestimulated feelings and affections as a bid for silence. Travelling science rewrites the definition of the subject, and in a short time, men stopped to develop themselves by means of writing but human material. This new empire enlarges the possibilities of “the real” but unreal. Virtual Life is an interactive agency [mise en-sense] that merges the boundaries between artificial and real. Both faces of the same whirling coin day-to-day. The slipstream is a cultural atrophy and a fascinating history to be projected on Netflix. Within this framework of no-kultur and no-Geschichte discloses the new-fascism; the impoverishment of the ability to understand. Man is constrained like a ‘passive animal’ by the machine [mise en-scene] which winds up a spatial overabundance. But this super-modernity, this overabundance only benefits to privileged classes and its enlightened status quo. Invested codes which automatically issue benefits of discrimination. The current spin-off “Homo Sapiens” with its passive language is losing the connotative abilities. The new ‘totalitarianism’ is the ‘instrumentarianism’… the good and evil syllogism is included in this perpetual structure of fundamentalism. We are not so far from that ‘space’ where a mind talks to a robot that Arthur C. Clark explored;

HAL : I know that you and Frank were planning to disconnect me, and I’m afraid that’s something I cannot allow to happen.

Dave Bowman : [feigning ignorance] Where the hell did you get that idea, HAL?

HAL : Dave, although you took very thorough precautions in the pod against my hearing you, I could see your lips move.

Dave Bowman : Alright, HAL. I’ll go in through the emergency airlock.

HAL : Without your space helmet, Dave? You’re going to find that rather difficult.

Dave Bowman : HAL, I won’t argue with you anymore! Open the doors!

HAL : Dave, this conversation can serve no purpose anymore. Goodbye.

Who cares if some little language has died off? Its knowledge was gone towards global community. Even though in the twentieth century purpose was the perfection of society, and defining species by Class or Race, the regime now is; the automation of markets coined by behavioural modifications at work in the uses of the Social Science Citation Index and the Scholastic Aptitude Test. The radical indifference is the new language. But it is not an endgame. When you arrive to a new city, or new country, you have got to guide yourself by google-map. Whether you look for a new job or a health assistant a spatial overabundance erodes the ability to reckon what is needed to do and how to speak. This (immateriality of the present) corrodes homes and closer communities. In this sense, “capitalism is constantly reterritorializing with one hand what deterritorializes with the other” (Deleuze¬Guattari) This constant move is creating an insensitive illusion and this stark dehumanization means “invested rights” to New Corporations. Last century was cruelly revealed by the creed of ‘monetization’. History and Society were disbarred banning any forward-looking project or wellspring of political AWARNESS. As Maggie Th. (gaming the system) said in the 80’s;

“And, you know, there’s no such thing as society. There are individual men and women and…”

Canaries in the coal mine? No exit?

“History is written by learned men, and so it is natural and agreeable for them to think that the activity of their class supplies the basis of the movement of all humanity.” Leo Tolstoy, [War and Peace]


In any case our entry or exit in itself has no meaning meanwhile addled brains find hypercomunication so compelling in the current existential marketplace. A tweet is enough to send armed scum rioters to the Capitol, Washington DC. This is the basis of our society. The foundation of our primitive caves display the atavistic desires drawings and vindictive nomadism. This can produce a typology of efficient filling in the Bentham machine, an efficient access to data on core variables.

It seems like yesterday when I wrote in Lam Tsuen three my best wishes for peoples of China[February.2020] and the WHO (World Health Organization) disguised the sequence of the virus [January]and the human-to-human transmision.


The land without borders

Life begins swell. It begins enclosed, sheltered, all feels warm in the bosom of the house. There we learn our entailment; we are in what we do. The omission of this subjective factor has made possible in the history of revolutionary movements and struggles don’t recognize that social structures generate the psychic structure of subjects at the same time that the psyche of subjects impinges the social structures, reproducing domination they were supposed to fight, a contradiction that has manifested itself especially when power is conquered. Men made it. Power incarnates the discourses of disposability and creates the required element for the psychotic potential to remain such as it is. Feelings, objects, aims, meanings. In 1984, Orwell invents the ′Two Minutes of Hate” a daily event in which the enemy’s video is publicly shown and the audience is encouraged to revolt in a foam of anger and rage. This question reminds me a friendly book alas left in Spain. F.B.I. by Antonio Mendez Rubio. I’m sure there’s mentioned culture as “soft power” as it could be “smoother power”. Related with a certain idealization of human being or whatever we can do (walls-technology-culture-governments-knowledge…) emerges since thousands of moons ago the same reverbing soap-apocalypse. Most disturbing, however, is that we are living in the most isolated and bleak society never seen before. Things are revealed, everything outside of ourselves is concerned and must be up: Historic centres to ease tourism and consumption, the Bridge of Mill Road closed to traffic but at ten metres new five storey buildings covering the horizon, Maggie looking for curry ingredients in Sainsbury’s after discover life on Venus.

Cement and bricks –Bricks and Cement- these fill the day. Morning, noon and evening — till far into the night! Harold Macmillan (1953).

Not so arbitrary police decisions have the force of law. Just outside the door of our house the Big Other is packaging our rubbish endlessly. The technological enhancement of the human being goes through this “transhumanism”, I mean; the greedy discipline which investigate human shit to reshape new criteria and paradigms. Likewise, academics’ role resides in dictating truth to communities from outside them, talking to the wee fellas if they are truly revolutionary class or not. A crowd of ‘selfies’ in Bristol Harbour throwing into the sea a statue is revolution? Perhaps is it time to look at the nature of our own understanding and the so called “productive revolution/resistance” and consider how we may have been working in complicity with what we set out to criticize. The not so unpredictability of future, current grievances, past injustices are all in agenda of who address the future, planning and anticipating in relation to specific conditions we expect (but do not predict) to happen now. Is that a place now? Do you have a now? In Leonard C. words;

Steer your way past the ruins of the altar and the mall / steer your way through fables of creation and the fall / Steer your way past the palaces that rise above the rot / … / year by year, month by month, day by day / thought by thought / Steer your way through the pain that is far more real than you

This “crisis” of knowledge involves that the world out there (THE real) can be captured if actions and thoughts are predicted to lengthen old privileges. What happened ten years ago (look 15-M, Spain, 2011) will be celebrated this year to extol “Two minutes of Hate” against the establishment and bring out a reiterative tediousness of certain theory slogans known by all. But won’t be all list of practices: direct action, direct democracy, collective ownership, cooperation, federation…. anarchist movement always defined how society must be organized, general strikes and never be sceptical about the power of people, reject THE imposed rules and effect of boundaries. Though Occidental practices of territorialisation could be depicted as implementations of consecutive projects. To the turn into policies, lifestyle, and sequential fragility; from Nietzsche the genealogist diagnosed the illness on the relations of power among knowledge and body, at the obvious expense of the later.

A decade of hyperconnectivity behind us addling brains and melting bodies, empowering affects at the expense of very emotions. A decade which testifies the transformative potential and indeed a political force vanished when the previous existing historicity is lost. The ‘anthropocentrism’ of last centuries helped as well in this sort of ‘inhumanism’. The focussing is drawn to the ego restoring the oppressor machine one step ahead, men, rewriting his ode. This eludes the five points which could help us to destroy masses’ pedagogy. Spot the problem. Locate it. Look for free emotions and no affects. Evaluate contemporary cognition. Foster creative behaviours. But on behalf of the global world hyperconnectivity concealed modern slavery. Almost erased the lazy “Third World” the advanced civilization promises the eternal life inside the shelter Smart Home.

✂- — — — — -

In this four chapters I tried to recap my last year and grasp some issues related with covid-19. It might have been easy to lose sight of design’s Power if I only focussed on the visible thing. It is; staged economics have created the biggest concentration of wealth in History, but first and foremost, governing authorities are the National puppet theatre. That was the original idea when I wrote the first lines in the preamble. Not only focus the lines to the “unease or alienation” which enforce us to relinquish the right for free and better life. All this naive pessimism is into serious account of posthumanism and transhumanism but no my cause. It’s up to you consider my words and emotions embedded.

I moved from Galiza to Cambridge on 2020. To meet my brain I write. Sensing is understanding through a forest of hints. I feel, then, I beat in the bush